Massimo | People in Libellula

Libellula is a company of people. If Libellula became successful and a market leader appreciated by thousands customers all over the world, it is also thanks to its employees that every day give their best with passion, competence and tenacity. "People in Libellula" is dedicated to our team and it will show over time all our collaborators with a friendly and informal portrait.


After sales service

I have been working in Libellula for: 19 years

My position is: after sales service

Working in Libellula for me is: motivating,funny,exciting

At work my colleagues say that I am: precise,collaborative, picky

My Zodiac Sign is: virgo

People say my best quality is: availability

People say my biggest flaw is: be picky

My musical tastes: every kind of music

My favourite kind of movies: action,comics

Mountain or sea? mountain

In the kitchen I am: a disaster

My hobbies are: computer,bike,electronic

If I have to go on a desert island for 3 months I would take: my girl