Libellula Volley: a young story of shared victories and values


The 2018-19 season for Libellula Volley, the women’s volleyball team sponsored by Libellula, ended in a triumphal way: overall winner of the C Series Championship and of the Piedmont Cup, second place in the Alpine Cup, against teams from Liguria, Lombardy and Triveneto.

We asked Umberto Cammardella, Libellula CEO and President of the Libellula Volley Consortium, and Alberto Milanesio, General Manager of Libellula and Vice-president of the Consortium, to comment on these results of absolute excellence.

“This is of course an incredible performance for such a young sports club. We were born in 2017 but our growth has been continuous: in two years we have gone from the D series to the B series – declares Cammardella – And, of course, the merit of this performance goes, first of all, to the girls of our team, who demonstrated extraordinary determination and dedication in their training and during the games. Like Libellula, I believe we have contributed by bringing managerial skills, organization and attention to talent, aspects that are the basis of Libellula’s success also as a Company “.

Where does the idea of sponsoring a local sports team come from?                                                           Libellula is a successful Company and has become, in thirty years, an absolute leader in Italy and an important international player, known by all the experts – underlines Milanesio – Two years ago with Umberto, we decided that it was strategically important to acquire visibility also at the local level: this in order to increase our notoriety and image in the territory, important to become an attractive reality as far as recruiting is concerned but also commercially in the companies of the territory, in a perspective of possible and future diversification of our business. Therefore, a sports sponsorship seemed to us to be the ideal tool.

Why did the choice fall on volleyball?

The choice is obviously not random: we know very well that football is more popular and visible by the media. Alongside the communication aspects, we considered it equally important that the values expressed coincide with those of Libellula – adds Cammardella – Volleyball is a sport in which teamwork, the spirit of belonging, the ethical sense, the passion and the desire to reach goals with determination are fundamental.

I am talking about volleyball but I seem to talk about Libellula as a company. Volleyball is still an authentic and clean sport, strongly growing as practitioners and the public, very much followed locally. Our Arena is always crowded with supporters who cheer on during home games.


The Libellula Volley Consortium project

“This is a structure created in July 2017, with the aim of creating a true sports culture at the corporate level, both searching excellence in teaching volleyball and sportsmanship, and recognizing a role of responsibility and social utility in relation to the local community – explains Milanesio – we have made our organizational know-how available to the Consortium: even at non-professional levels; the enthusiasm is not enough to achieve results of sporting excellence and improvisation leads directly to failure. The same in business”.

“Through the Libellula Volley Consortium, Alberto and I decided to create an organized structure, capable of becoming a point of reference, support and coaching even for other existing or new sports clubs in the Cuneo area – adds Cammardella Our goal is to raise the qualitative and quantitative standards of volleyball practice and to facilitate the achievement of common and shared aims through a single educational, sporting and cultural proposal, while respecting the individuality of each consortium association. 

“The advantage of such organized projects is to attract the most qualified technicians and athletes, creating the prerequisites for achieving better results at the sports level – points out Milanesio – The Consortium has stipulated an agreement for the management of the building called LIBELLULA ARENA, a plant that has become one of the most suitable Palasports for the practice of volleyball, and more. Today Libellula Volley has 12 teams, 220 athletes from 6 to 40 years, 15 coaches, 40 managers. Umberto and I have been busy… (smiles), but the results are coming. Good work always pays”.



Libellula Volley in social

“The Consortium is not just sport – underlines Milanesio – Volleyball can contribute to integration and social inclusion, promoting intercultural exchanges and becoming an educational and training tool.

 In young people, sports education provides individual and collective experiences that contribute to self-discovery, personal growth and self-esteem improvement. Sport can open the minds by allowing to have a correct approach to society and with different cultures, current topic of these times.

 “Libellula has recently entered the world of sport and volleyball but we intend to stay a long time covering a winning role – ends Cammardella – making of “the positive thinking and look forward” the characterizing trait of our presence, just like in our core business”.


The editorial staff of Libellula News



22 July 2019