Libellula in 2019: a flourishing, growing, expanding international markets company, focused on the future


2019 has just finished. We have interviewed Umberto Cammardella, CEO of Libellula, and Alberto Milanesio, General Manager, about the achieved goals and valutaion of perspectives and strategies in 2020.

“2019 has been a really prominent year for our company”. –  initiates Umberto Cammardella – “The costant turnover increase has manifested augmentation of two numbers according to the new trend of development, that was distinctly different respect to 2018 – our “Golden year”. While in 2018 it was substuntially Italy to promote the economic growth by virtue of certain tax incentives, concerned to Industry 4.0, in 2019 we can gladly attribute our major success to expansion of our role in the international market. It became possible because of accrescent recognition ouf our activity abroad as well as intensive and productive professional communication”.

“We have been participating in all of the most important exibitions and events of our branch for years”.  – emphasizes Alberto Milanesio – “Thanks to collaboration with our foreign distributors the brand Libellula came in sight in local events in Mexico, South Africa and Dubai for the first time in 2019”.

“Regarding the quantitative results, in comparison with essential consolidation of the turnover in italian market, we have noticed an outstanding exploit by the target OEM in China, Poland, Turkey, Brazil and Spain”.  – adds Milanesio – “The renown performances of our software, the utter leadership in vast number of Industry 4.0 solutions and high quality of dealing with our clients remain the drivers of our development. Such model of business relations is based on capacity for comprehend and sometimes even anticipate the requirements ouf our clients and make the “tailor-made” solutions come efficient and reliable. I suppose, that our constant presence in the exibitions by the stands of the most important OEM, equiped with demo-presentations of our products, evidences the close partnership established between us and our partners”. 


Think global, act local: the strategies of Libellula in 2020

“We will proceed and expedite ceaselessly the internalisation of Libellula”. – announces Umberto Cammardella”.  –  “The aim is to achieve an optimal distribution of our brand in all of the powerful key markets in the world. We have already conquered most of them and now the point is to evaluate different perspectives of our international growth, whether by means of new chapters establishment abroad or by dint of fruitful collaboration with local dealers”.

“We have already become a company that… never sleeps”.  – notices Alberto Milanesio – “We are really glad to be responsible not only for providing 24/7 technical assistance to our clients, but also for fulfilling all of their specific requirements, coming from various countries, languages and time zones. That’s why we have reorganized and reinforced the Helpdesk, considering all this factors, extending the office hours and supplying new solutions to be always able to garantee prompt and efficient service, when it is necessary even in foreign languages”.

“There is some remarkable news for our partners, regarding the higher segmentatation of our main software solutions”. – notifies Umberto Cammardella – “In relation to the cutting of materials the requirments of our clients are getting always more specific and individual. We have started with Waterjet Optimum, an optional module of Libellula.CUT, deliberately created for waterjet cutting. We will proceed in this direction, working hard on the high-quality level”.


Software in cloud: The near future

“The supply of cloud services for the data management and archiviation causes the real revolution of informatics branch.  All of us are getting accustomed to the idea of  “no fisical possess” of software o data inside of our PC”. – comments Alberto Milanesio – “We do believe that this trend engages as soon as possible also the sheet metal cutting industry, that, represented mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises, seems to be less disposed to introduction of innovative methods.

“We have already commenced to reproject the pattern ouf our main software into the cloud” – concludes Umberto Cammardella –  “we will be able to begin its commercialization during 2020. We intend to confirm this purpose as the software creators – our aknowleged and honored role that makes us feel proud of our work and brings a profound satisfaction, besides the great commercial success”. 


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10 February 2020