Interview to Danilo Piumatti, R&D Manager of Libellula


Since April 2019, Danilo Piumatti is the new R&D Manager of Libellula. To get to know him better, we asked him to tell us about his professional and personal experience in Libellula.


How long have you been working in Libellula?

“I have been working in Libellula for about 3 years and half. I am a Software Engineer graduated at the Politecnico in Turin. Shortly before achieving my degree, I sent my CV in Libellula, because some acquaintances had spoken to me very well about this Company. From then on, everything happened very quickly: I was called for a selection interview and I think it went very well because, shortly, they offered me the job, and I promptly accepted with enthusiasm!


Did you immediately enter the R&D department?

“No, my first job was in Technical Support and I believe it was essential to my professional growth. I had the opportunity to talk to customers every day, to understand their problems and to learn to evaluate the various contexts in which our software is actually used: it is a cultural baggage that I brought to the R&D department and that helped me, and helps me, very much. Libellula’s philosophy is that the software must know how to adapt to the needs of the customers and not vice-versa: this part, in the first place, from the design and development. My internal growth path, from the Technical Support to R&D, is normal in Libellula. All we know that the technological innovation, however advanced it may be, is useless if it is also not easy and intuitive to be used by the end user”.


Which projects did you dedicate to once you entered the R&D department?

“At the beginning I worked on optimizing the existing software. Then I had the opportunity to follow the entire development process of Libellula.STOCKER and Libellula.STOCKER Lite, both made in collaboration with Teckmag, a leading manufacturer of automated warehouses. Also in this case, it was a highly formative experience and very satisfying. I personally followed all the various software development steps: the first site visits to the customer in order to understand the problems of such a specific product, the development of the Beta version, the testing and optimization phases up to the release of the final versions. It rarely happens to have such a 360-degree view on a project: for this reason I have to thank the management of Libellula, which gave me full confidence during all its phases. And, by the way, STOCKER Lite is also a news for Libellula, as it is a solution for NOT-sheet automatic warehouses, unlike standard STOCKER”.


What does working in Libellula mean?

“I am only 29 and half years old, but I am already in charge of R&D inside a leading software Company in its field. I think this says a lot about the internal level of meritocracy. It is a young, dynamic, future-oriented environment in which we are all encouraged to show our abilities, even taking risks. A piece of Silicon Valley in the province of Cuneo (he smiles). It is a Company that invests in people with continuous training activities”.


What are your goals in this new position?

“My priority is to guide Libellula towards the transition to the cloud world. It is indisputable that this is an irreversible trend. All the giants in the IT sector, such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Oracle are moving in this direction. In a few years all Libellula software will have a cloud architecture, with big advantages for customers in terms of both access to data with any device, fixed or mobile, and their inter-functional sharing in real time. We know that many of our customers are SME (small and medium enterprises) and not so computerized but they are realizing that this is the future. Libellula will be able to help them in this transition, thanks to the quality of its technical assistance and thanks also to the new cloud software, as usual ZeroTraining, which I will contribute to develop in my current position”.


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9 September 2019