Interview to Andrea Comino – R&D Manager Libellula



Andrea Comino is an Electrical Engineer graduated at the Politecnico in Turin and for about a year is the R&D Manager in Libellula.

“Five years ago I joined Libellula with an experience of 14-years in information technology area” – he says – My aim was to work for a company where to perform an applied research matching also an international vision. Libellula seemed to me immediately perfect for my professional goals and, till today, I think it was the best choice I could make” (smiling – editor’s note)

“Libellula in a few words? I would say competence, enthusiasm and passion for the job”.


R&D activity as the basis for the Libellula differentiation strategy

“Our sector is technologically mature – adds Comino – The only possible growth strategy is to be different from our competitors through an incessant activity of innovation and products upgrading, using as first potential niches based on specific Customers’ requests”.


“This means to work in close contact with the Sales Department trying to collect input from Customers and translate them into new products or improvements to the existing ones. Dialogue with our colleagues is strong and constant even if sometimes the requests are more than the limit for what is possible, but we always try to do our best. In this way, for example, Optia was born”.


How Optia was born

“I am very proud of Optia project – explains Comino – We have developed and worked very hard for several months on this new project. The request of the top management was to give a solution to a problem very felt by customers: the recovery of scraps.

“Our starting point was that our solution should have been characterized by speed and maximum ease of use, carrying out the entire processing directly on board of the machine, without any intervention by the company’s technical office. From this was born the idea of a revolutionary optical acquisition of scraps, in practice scanning them with a device such as a webcam or a videocamera. A Columbus’ egg easy to tell but not so easy to prepared” (smiling – editor’s note)

 “The great success that Optia is having repay all the Libellula R&D team for the great commitment on this project and shows that we have done a good teamwork”


The new release 5.0 of Libellula suite Universe, strictly connected to Industria 4.0

“We have recently released the version 5.0 of Libellula suite Universe, which includes our software CUT, VISIO, BRIDGE, VIEWER and IMPORT. The aim was to reaffirm our undisputed leadership in the field of sheet metal cutting management software, strictly connected to Industria 4.0, allowing, by the way, our Italian customers to use the tax advantage of hyper-amortization. 

The new release 5.0 is characterized by a further optimization of the capacity of the various Libellula software to communicate each other from the beginning to the end of the production cycle, reaching a level of integration and automation that separates us almost completely from the competitors”

“The first feedback is very positive. Thanks to the improvements introduced, some customers have decided to join to Libellula leaving others software in order to use our integrated system that

is more efficient and with lower final costs”


Work very closely with OEM Customers

 “Our software has been developed in order to be interface with several machines, with many kinds of cutting technology made by different manufacturers. This is possible thanks to a very closely working relationship with the main OEM manufactures, also under development of the machine, by creating specifics Post-Processor.

For some important OEMs we have developed their framework based on the original one of Libellula, as demonstration of its exceptional performance”


The future: software always more efficient and easier to use

 “The request of our end users is to develop software always easier to set and use.                               

Our “zero training” philosophy seems to be a cutting-edge choice even if we know we should take it into new high levels.

The future of all technologies, not only in our field, is to develop cutting-edge and refined solutions with user-friendly interfaces. This can be possible by adopting functions for self-learning, in order to reduce the training phase. Technology must adapt to the man and not the contrary!”


We are looking for new talents

“Our excellence is due to the quality of people that work in the Libellula R&D team – concludes Comino. We invest a lot in training and we are constantly looking for young talents coming from the best Politecnici and Engineering and Computer Science University”.


“Ah – adds – This is an official search of colleagues”

23 July 2018