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Libellula.CUT - Optopath Demo Video

Optopath Demo Video

Libellula.CUT - Programming software for laser, plasma, oxyfuel, water jet cutting machines

More Info: Libellula.CUT is a CAD/CAM application optimized for programming all kinds of cutting machines. Thanks to its excellent automatic nesting algorithms, Libellula.CUT calculates best positioning through a growing system of more and more accurate tests. Libellula.CUT increases productivity in the metalworking workshop ensuring that the quantity of scrap actually being used complies with the minimal threshold chosen by the user and optimizing plate working for any cutting technology, such as laser, plasma and oxyfuel, water jet. More Info:


Libellula.CUT è il nuovo sistema di programmazione per macchine laser, plasma, ossitaglio, water jet ecc. dell' Universo Libellula. Per maggiori informazioni visita

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