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A journey that began over 30 years ago,
always gazing towards the future of software

Over 13,000 customers worldwide. Consolidated Partnership with leaders in aerospace, automotive, marine and medical industry and the largest machine tools manufactures with subsidiaries throughout the world.

This is Libellula: a company which was born from a long path of constant development and growth that began over 25 years ago as S.I. Engineering and evolved, with the next official transformation out of social reasons, in Libellula, the brand from 2010 signing all software and now known by customers and experts.

A global reality

Besides Italy it is now present, with direct subsidiaries or local distributors, in France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, China, Iran and Israel.

Umberto Cammardella – CEO and founder

“Our growth has few secrets: passion for the job, a team of collaborators who share our values, have always new goals even when it seems impossible to achieve them. With a single objective: to be the ‘best in the class’ sector.”

Vision and Mission of Libellula: the only guide in our work


We want to be seen by our customers as the best partner software


Create effective and intuitive software, always technologically advanced and the true gold standard of the whole class, constantly anticipating the needs of our customers

Alberto Milanesio – General Manager

“We know that customers have specific and changing needs among them. We spend a lot of time listening to understand their needs and offer „tailored “software solutions, that go beyond their expectations.“