OPTIA – Optical Profile Acquisition

The most efficient scraps recovery with an incredible ease of use

OPTIA is the new module connected to Libellula.Wizard, presented with great clamor and success during the Exhibition Lamiera 2017. Designed by the Engineers to assure an incredible simplicity in the metal sheet scraps recovery process through a revolutionary optical acquisition.

Its extraordinary ease of use allows the development directly by the machine operator, without additional times and internal costs due to the Technical Dept intervention.

How to recover and re-use the scraps? It’s longer said than done, thanks to the perfect integration with Libellula Universe software

Thanks to the optical system of a special webcam, OPTIA is able to acquire digitally the metal sheet scrap and to convert it from a real scrap profile in a virtual 2D representation, everything in just few minutes.

Positioning the webcam in proximity of a workbench (machine or an acquisition station external to it), OPTIA acquires a video streaming which is elaborated in real time to obtain the sheet scraps imagine. Afterwards, the process applies discretizing tolerances in order to recognize the geometrical profile.

OPTIA has a further great advantage to be totally integrated and operative with the others software of Libellula suite Universe.

The scraps imagine is automatically saved on Mod.STORAGE, the Libellula software for the metal sheet warehouse management, which will be available, when necessary for a new nesting with Libellula.WIZARD.

OPTIA always knows the exact scraps position, avoiding complicated centering operations, and speed up further the cutting procedures.

Continuous updates for a more better efficiency

The Libellula Engineers are always at work and they have already made two significant improvements compared to the version presented in Lamiera 2017.

  1. Working area acquisition: the Libellula R&D Dept has developed a specific chessboard which can be positioned on the machine, allowing the algorithm to recognize the specific pattern and to obtain the coordinates. Thanks to this interesting improvement, the working area is automatically identified in a more precise and detailed way.
  2. Support for the multi-camera installation: OPTIA could be used with more of one webcam. Extremely important is the set-up and calibration phase in order to define which specific working area the webcams can operate. Thanks to the chessboard system, above described, it’s possible to combine the acquisition of more webcams and to show therefore only one working area.
12 September 2017