One Click

Behind a simple gesture the philosophy of a company dedicated to facilitate Customers’ life.

One-Click is the exclusive function that several software solutions of Libellula Universe suite are equipped and which allows to speed up and simplify the complex and critical procedures during the phases of metal sheet cutting program that usually, with others software, required different passages and lose of time that can mean also higher risk of mistakes.

“When in Libellula we started to think of One-Click function some years ago – reveals Umberto Cammardella, Libellula CEO – it seemed a challenge almost impossible to win. The metal sheet cutting software always gets more powerful, more efficient and full of functions but this development usually means lower intuitivity of use, a price almost inevitable to pay. On the other hand, our vision, previously as S.I. Engineering and now as Libellula, has always been and always will be to feel the technology not like itself but like an instrument to solve daily problems of our Customers. Many times, a little problem for engineers it’s a big matter for our Customers”

“Our vision…will  be always to see the technology like an instrument…to solve daily problems of our Customers”

From 2010 One-Click is “the secret arm” of Libellula cutting software. Continuously improved.

The One-Click application was launched the first time in 2010, after around two years of designing, on Libellula.CAD and nowadays is also available on Libellula.CUTLibellula.WIZARDmod.BRIDGE and Libellula.IMPORT.

From the launch, One-Click has been continuously upgraded and developed, extending his features on according to the applied software: to the initial separate detection of different shapes, it has been added the operation of optimization, the automatic cleaning, the total integration with the nesting part and production and, in conclusion, the integration with the managing automation.

One-Click “in action”

The intervention of One-Click can simplify and speed up decisively the different phases of elaboration and production processes in the sheet metal cutting cycle.


The One-Click function used in the import engine of Libellula.CAD is able to perform automatically several operations as:

  • Profiles detection: One-Click perceives properly the imported shapes allowing in an only execution to recognise the internal profiles as well as the external ones, identifying correctly the single parts.
  • Automatic correction of open profiles, according to the settable tolerances.
  • Cleaning of overlapping elements.
  • Optimization profiles, according to the settable tolerances: complex curves composed by huge elements, are simplified to obtain the correct cutting quality.
  • Recognition of Layer in import, diversified according to the settable standard templates: the system recognises the used layer typology and it applies automatic desired operations, for example: layer removing, layer moving, marking application, chiselling and different cutting lines.

These are procedures that, with others software, the operator has to do MANUALLY in order to be sure that the parts are correct and to avoid mistakes in the production process.

With the function Libellula One-Click everything is done automatically, without loss of time during the recognition of possible problems and without incurs in possible mistakes.

The One Click import runs in different ways: in Libellula.CAD, directly on icons library, drag & drop DXF on metal sheet, procedure also utilised on mod.Import and during connection processes with the managing program towards the mod.Bridge, used also in Libellula.Wizard. It’s means, substantially, only one engine utilized in different situations.


Using the One-Click function on Libellula.CUT is possible to run, in a single step, the following processing:

  • Auto nesting
  • Auto cutting
  • Postprocessor
  • Timing calculation
  • Report

with an extraordinary time saving.


A real revolution: One-Click “inside”

In the AUTO products range with total automation as, for instance, auto.CUT and auto.IMPORT, the One-Click engine is embedded in the software code itself.

In this way, all production process phases:

  • Drawing import
  • Order data import
  • Nesting
  • Cutting
  • PPR

are executed automatically without direct operator intervention.

Vision into action

“With One-Click function our Customers can really “hold in their hand” our way of thinking and design – point out Alberto Milanesio, Libellula General Manager – In Libellula we aren’t interested to the technology research as aim in itself, only to get useless patents or acronyms. Behind to One-Click there is research, proof and investments of years, but Customer sees only a click on Libellula software in use: all he cares about is to eliminate practically the calculations timing or designing and the risk of mistakes with a simple click of mouse. His satisfaction is, once again, the only thing important for us. ”  

Behind a One-Click there’s research, tests and investements of years”

7 May 2017