New Libellula.CUT 5.0 : beyond perfection

It is now available the new 5.0 upgrade of Libellula suite Universe. It is an important upgrade of nearly all Libellula’s software range and what has to be noticed is the opportunity to update the programs automatically through the cloud, which allows you to use at every time the newest version of each Libellula software you have installed.

The Libellula’s engineers have been obviously focused on Libellula.CUT, the leading product, where in 5.0 version adds new functions as follow:

Empowerment to One Click tool:

  • direct transfer to mod.ORDER (if installed) after icons saving, for the next managing order complete of every jobs list
  • direct adding of a new work
  • possibility to open a technological ambient at the end of saving. In this way it is possible to apply and to save immediately all works by icon, without the necessity to create a normal nesting. The saved works will be available to use for the next productions where necessary the relevant icons.

Micro-junctions at variable pitch:

possibility of gap’s customization for every micro-junctions (instead of only one gap for profile)

Modification icons sequences:

by inserting one part in a sequence already scheduled, it will be possible to review the sequence including the new item without the necessity to cancel and re-start all the sequence

Direct spooling to Libellula.VISIO

for running the next nesting. It is a function very useful for who holds only a machine without necessity to a queues managing.

27 April 2018