Libellula.TUBE: easier, faster and more friendly

Libellula.TUBE is the software of Libellula suite Universe designed for the particular requirements of pipes cutting machines programming.

The new version has more important features and functions granting the “tube-specific” software much more efficient.

1. Design Environment further simplified

The Libellula.TUBE project environment has been completely updated to maximise the ease of use.

Even without any experience in 3D drawing the user, with few and intuitive operations, can make pipes of various shapes by selecting directly them through the interface.


Once the master pipe is defined, through the same functions it will be possible to add various shapes tools that could be moved, rotated and multiplied before to confirm the application.


New design instruments have been introduced like the possibility to import any 2D DXF to use as tool, as well to transform a tool in sticker by wrapping it on the tube and to insert a text or a tool devoted to pipe bending by defining a corner.


Libellula.TUBE foresees the base import of classic 3d Step and Iges formats, but it’s possible to import more diffuse proprietary formats existing on the market.


Every pipe, designed or imported, will be saved inside the Library that composes the real production archive.

2. Automatic/manual cutting technology for the maximum flexibility of use

Making the job recognisation, each created pipe moves in the technological environment already set for 3D cutting. In Technology it’s possible to run the automatic cut that applies the lead-ins and paths through rules customized by the user.

Alternatively, it will be possible to proceed manually defining by own the path based of our specific requirements, even thanks to special functions like, broken cut, bevel cut and microjoints.

In case the machine had bevel cut, you could set also in technological environment the bevel cut corners and to define how to handle axes rotation.

3. Pipes nesting totally settable and executable with only one click

Every pipe saved in Library could be added to a job sheet which is divided in two main parts: the pipes list to produce and the available bars for nesting. For each part you can define the necessary quantity for the production while in bars section you can set the shapes parameters, lenght, parts distance and so on. When the job panel is prepared, you can run nesting with a simple click.

Libellula.TUBE will show the result in a 3D environment where it will be possible to scroll along various solutions to check the result. Therefore the next step is to bring the job in technology as done previousely for the single pipes cutting.

20 November 2017