Libellula.BUDGET: precise and fast quotations always. today incredibly upgraded.


Libellula.BUDGET is the powerful software of Libellula suite Universe designed for the cost centers management.

Appreciated by thousands of Customers worldwide, it offers the possibility to make a fast metal sheet parts quotation starting from few information.

The Libellula Engineers have been able today to upgrade further the already great performance introducing some additional important functions.

Possibility to create additional cost centers

The new release of Libellula.BUDGET allows to create additional cost centers besides the cutting machines, like bending, welding, assembling, punching center and even more. In this way, it will be possible to set different parameters to define how to make the quotation calculation based on va

rious cost centers.

For example, it’s possible to set a cost value for each bending, which will become the base of the final calculation.

Every icon in Libellula.BUDGET database contains a sheet about all created cost centers that can be used to evaluate data for the operations based on cost centers.

Following the bending example, it’s possible to define that a specific icon has two bending operations to make.

Obviously in these definitions you can enter information for all cost centers to use. Libellula.BUDGET will connect therefore, inside the icon sheet, the information with the previous data set in the cost centers, giving back the final calculation possibly increased. These further calculations are added to the normal checking operations on cutting parameter, cutting time, piercing time, material cost and so on.

New price list system

It grants the possibility to enter in the price list several rules based on unit calculation or percentage.

Whether, for example, you want to create a price list dedicated for those who order few quantities or a price list dedicated to a particular Customer, it’s possible to define several rules which jointly operate to obtain the desired result. In case of a small order, you can define a percentage price increase besides the normal mark-up already set. Furthermore, in Customers database you can set a dedicated standard price list specifically for each Customer records.

New DXF importer with advanced tool

It has a lot of innovative functions necessary for the drawing cleaning, for deleting double elements, for optimize and manage the scale and levels.

Even without specific technical drawing skills, it’s possible to enter inside the Icon Library the DXF that you want to make the quotation.

The imported drawings could be classified in folders dedicated to the estimation so that, in case they were no longer necessary, they could be deleted by the normal “cleaning” archive.

New DXF importer for whole nesting

Besides the normal importer, it was introduced also a new DXF importer dedicated to the whole nesting. The imported nesting will be automatically break up by recognizing each instance of each icon, to avoid saving multiple copies of the same drawing.

The imported nesting will be saved also in the Work library according to the desired classification and estimated inside the software. Also in this case, it will be applied all the described rules, with the advantage to save time since it’s no longer necessary to import every part singularly in order to re-create manually the original nesting.

New library of parametric parts

In the new Libellula.BUDGET there is a library complete of parametric parts.

It’s an important function which further speed up the quotation process for all standard parts.

Every parametric part will pass through the same checks dedicated to the DXF import and therefore it will be always possible to clean, optimize and re-check, in every moment, the job done.

23 October 2017