Complete tracking of metal sheet warehouse with mod.STORAGE

mod.STORAGE is the Libellula software designed for the super-efficient management of metal sheet warehouse which allows to check and to keep continuously updated and under total control metal sheet stocks present in the company.

mod.STORAGE , interfacing with others Libellula software and modules in particular Libellula.CUT, can be integrated perfectly in the working cycle with self-updates in real time about warehouse situation : from the valued availability of metal sheet stock to the quantity of materials used on the machines, from the percentage of available scraps to the list of materials and semi-finisched available in the warehouse, up to the ordered products as well as the ones ready to be shipped.

With mod. Storage all metal sheets are drawn, process after process

One of more interesting function of mod.STORAGE is of course the possibility to handle tracking of certificate codes or casting of each batch presents in the warehouse.

This a very important trouble to handle in a company: namely can quickly know, in every moment, the origin metal sheet , following the history of the next productions till to the scraps, this means to minimize the preparation time of every production and pratically to reset risks of mistake.

In almost all companies, the metal sheet warehouse is organized in function to the shape typologies. Every shape indentifies a specific metarial, thickness and dimension of sheet. The various sheets which compose the metal sheet warehouse can be the same shape but in the same time to have a different code of tracking.

Thanks to its interaction in real time with mod.Storage, the Libellula.CUT cutting software will allow to select the metal sheet shape to use available in the warehouse; furthermore all the icons which will be positioned on these nesting shall inherit the information regarding their tracking.

Through the intervention of mod.Order by Libellula it will be possible therefore to filter, in every moment, the pieces produced from tracking code and to obtain all information regarding the production history of a specific article.

Tracking up to scraps

All management of metal sheet warehouse is strictly connected to the tracking concept, as well as the scraps. Each scrap produced shall inherit always the right code from the « mother » metal sheet : in this way, also for the future use of scraps they will be tracked granting the research of tracking codes.

In a pratic way, the choise in production of use a specific tracking code can be made both at up, during the programming, that at down namely after the cutting. In the first case the code to be used will be sent to the operator already on prints in the workshop. In the second one, it will be possible later to declare which batch was used in order to indentify the tracking code.

5 July 2017