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Absolute excellence also in the nesting of beams.

Libellula.TUBE has been created like a design space for the easy and supported 3D modeling, unlike generic 3D modeling of many other software. The processing sequence is managed in a fully automatic way to [...]

3 September 2021|

New Libellula.CUT 5.0 : beyond perfection

It is now available the new 5.0 upgrade of Libellula suite Universe. It is an important upgrade of nearly all Libellula’s software range and what has to be noticed is the opportunity to update [...]

27 April 2018|

Libellula.TUBE: easier, faster and more friendly

Libellula.TUBE is the software of Libellula suite Universe designed for the particular requirements of pipes cutting machines programming. The new version has more important features and functions granting the “tube-specific” software much more efficient. [...]

20 November 2017|

OPTIA – Optical Profile Acquisition

The most efficient scraps recovery with an incredible ease of use OPTIA is the new module connected to Libellula.Wizard, presented with great clamor and success during the Exhibition Lamiera 2017. Designed [...]

12 September 2017|

Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 describes the organisation of production processes based on technology and devices autonomously communicating with each other along the value chain: it represents a model of [...]

9 June 2017|

One Click

Behind a simple gesture the philosophy of a company dedicated to facilitate Customers’ life. One-Click is the exclusive function that several software solutions of Libellula [...]

7 May 2017|