FABLE by Libellula.
Assembly 3D, cut and bend
in 3 simple steps.

In the current economic setting a company engaged in sheet metal processing should continuously increase the internal efficiency level in order to achieve a better margin and to be more competitive in the market.

FABLE is Libellula’s innovative response to this new requirement: a suite of perfectly integrated applications designed to manage operations of sheet metal cutting and bendig in a fully automated way, starting from an assembly 3D.


A real fable. Design (modeling), cut and bend in one click.

FABLE stands for Fully Automated Cut & Bend BundLE and is an ideal combination to outline its really fabulous features: absolute integration and automation, high speed and unbelievable simplicity and high speed of use.

All software within FABLE manage 3 fundamental steps of unfolding, cutting and bending in a totaly automated way. Next to a well-established software package for 3D drawing management (Libellula.CLAIM), the cutting phase is managed by Libellula.CUT 2020, that is Libellula’s flagship.

Libellula.BEND, a new highly advanced software, was introduced by Libellula for the bending fase.

Libellula’s algorithms think of everything.

These three software dialogue with each other in an integrated way by dint of special algorithms: in three simple steps one can go from assembly 3D to realization of the cutting and pressing phases with a minimum intervention of the machine operator. Therefore, maximum speed of realization, neither human error nor miscalculation: “Ideal Final Result”.

In the heart of FABLE the best software of Libellula, perfectly integrated.

Libellula.CLAIM: easy and precise 3d modeling

Designed for advanced 3D modeling, allows to create and edit easily the imported geometry without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. Libellula.CLAIM was created to reduce the time of simulation setup and to extract sheet metal objects to start nesting
Click here to read more about Libellula.CLAIM

Libellula.CUT: the state of the cutting and nesting technology art

Cutting edge of Libellula.UNIVERSE suite is the software top for the nesting with all the tecnologies of cutting: laser, plasma, oxy, waterjet. Powerful and reliable, just in an instant it creates or imports geometric details from any other drawing platform, automatically optimizing its profiles and optimally preparing them for subsequent processing. Click here to read more about  Libellula.CUT 

Libellula.BEND: offline proramming of bending

The new Libellula.BEND allows the configuration and off-line programming of press brake machine, guaranteeing a significant reduction of machine downtime. Clear and intuitive interface ensures easy and fast programming: the user is constantly assisted at every phase (machine setup, calculation of optimal bending sequence, finger stop positioning, etc.) Click here to read more about  Libellula.BEND

FABLE in action: 1, 2 and 3. Designed, cut e bent.

With only three steps, FABLE manages automatically the entire cutting and bending process. The intervention of the machine operator is reduced to the only stage of entry of the general data. Thanks to the modern and user-friendly HMI, the fruit of design philosophies Zero Training and One-Click of Libellula, the process becomes very quick and excludes risk of error.

step01 Libellula.claim

STEP 1: From assembly 3D to creation of the parts (BoM).

With the application Libellula.CLAIM is designed or imported the complex model 3D, whose BoM is created automatically.

FABLE will automatically separate the sheet metal components and prepare a complete set of parts to produce by  cutting and bending machines, in addition to useful data in production such as the type of material, thickness and quantities required.

Main advantages offered by FABLE in this phase:

  • Automatic list of sheet metal parts
  • Automatic opening and quality control
  • Automatic export
  • Indication of film side and grain direction
  • Identification of layers to export
  • Indication of thickness, material or component name
  • Addition of order number and date information
  • Counting of parts to export the quantity to be produced
  • Calculating of parts to export the quantity to be produced

From assembly 3D to cutting.

I The 3D files thus separated are subjected to the 100% automated process of unfolding It is not a mere theoretical calculation: the whole process is in fact managed by Libellula.CLAIM, that is able to export the most correct design thanks to the possibility to insert the tables of the customer’s experience. The flat part, obtained in this way, will be sent to the central database of Libellula.CUT for creation of a new part in the library, necessary for the the automatic sheet metal nesting and cutting process.

Advanced use of FABLE let you carry out each step of production plan quicker than ever and in total control.

The management data transmitted will be matched within the mod.ORDER of Libellula (including order number, delivery date, quantity to be produced) and will be automatically associated to the parts to be created in order to keep a digital track of production progress and thus to refine the procedure towards the management of production with a view to Industty 4.0.

Main advantages in this phase:

  • Automatic insertion of the order from the assembly 3D
  • Easy filters for finding nesting parts
  • Timeline visualisation
  • Automatic nesting and optimized technology
  • Industry 4.0 compliant
  • Post Processor of high quality for cutting machines
  • Smart Factory Integration till automatic production feedback

From assembly 3D to bending.

The bending engine of Libellula.BEND will manage the last step of the automation process, providing the best possible bending sequence. This process will execute in the background each automatically extracted sheet metal part from the original 3D set, producing machine post processor, including instructions for the best possible bend sequence together with PDF report of bendig.

Main advantages in this phase:

  • Automatic search of the bending sequence
  • High quality post processor for bending machines
  • Reduction of machine downtime and machine setup
  • Optimization of production queues
  • The parts are unfolded by means of real calculation of bending allowance, using the real machine’s properties and tools
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