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Work with Libellula

Libellula offers a dynamic environment designed for the professional development:

Both our engineers and math experts have the opportunity to be always updated on the latest technological CAD / CAM software and sheet metal cutting processing, while having available technologies to avant-garde marketing within a network of global dimension relationships

The ability to perform as well as to design, to coordinate as well as to imagine, lead to quality results, known and appreciated worldwide. The basic culture, study, attention to the quality, reliability and the ability to share ideas, knowledge and objectives characterize Libellula team. The use of a methodology and a common language between the various group companies enables colleagues from different specializations to build teams and share knowledge and experiences in order to achieve the client’s goals.

Our Team

SI Engineering Group features professionals coming from the top technological institutes and wants to keep investing on Human Resources by means of collaborations with different universities to strengthen its high-profile staff headcount.

How we work at Libellula

The values shared by those who work at Libellula

Enthusiastic, excellence, the approach, team spirit, the initiative and the ability to understand the context in which we operate and communicate with clarity the effective solutions

The ability to imagine, experiment and study new solutions, allows us to take innovative paths in a quick and efficient way.

Libellula’s approach

Libellula uses a rigorous method of formalization for each phase of the project to ensure transparency and control in all the different activities. We share the evolution of the project with the customer and we face changes in a progressive and effective way. The activity of our Technical Assistance section is characterized by several responsibilities shared by our internal and external staff. This context of knowledge-sharing can enable all the involved colleagues to develop and improve their technical and professional skills.

Because for us, customer satisfaction represents our biggest goal.

Open Positions


Our company is a world leader in the CAD/CAM field for sheet metal working. Our products are the best tool for designing, developing, and schedule sheet metal parts, and also to plan and optimize their production.

Handle negotiations or particularly difficult customers. Plan their work on the basis of prediction control of client orders, in order to allocate their time among the most appropriate sales activities (entaring new negotiations, reviewing old ones, demonstration campaigns, etc.) To deliver the results of their work to the Sales Manager. Initiative, determination and ability to set goals.

Interpersonal and excellent communication skills.

International experience is an advantage. Fluency in English


Analyst Programmers

We are looking for analyst programmers The skills will be addressed in the context of the development of CAD/CAM solutions.

Skills: excellent knowledge of Visual Studio, C ++ and C # languages. Excellent knowledge of object oriented programming techniques. Experience gained in the development of managerial and / or technical applications where usability is the center point of the design.

Preferable knowledge of the development environment VS2010, the .NET Framework 4.0, the environment of WPF presentation and UML diagrams.

Specific requirements: experience in the development team will be an advantage team, as well as good interpersonal skills


Development and maintenance of applications (Web based and client / server)

Forms, documents and tests solutions, code and new features implementation.


Technical Programmer for Technical Support

We are looking for technicians for our Technical Support Department.

Skills: excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and network systems, knowledge of MS Visual Studio. We are looking for people with initiative; good interpersonal skills, team work and problem solving management. Excellent knowledge of the English language (spoken and written), knowledge of other foreign languages (German, French, Spanish) would be a plus. Availability to travel on a national and international level.