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OPTIA   The scraps reduction becomes reality OPTIA is the new software designed by Libellula for the reduction and the digitisation of scarps. Linked to the cutting software Libellula.WIZARD, it allows an extraordinary simplification of metal sheet scarps recovery process, [...]

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FABLE by Libellula. Una vera favola: sviluppo, taglio e piega in un solo click.

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NeXting. The future of nesting, today

Libellula NeXting is the new, advanced nesting system within which key features such as accuracy, innovation and speed meet as never before to create a software capable of improving astonishingly the performance of each cutting machine

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Perfectly integrated with Libellula.CUT, the mod.ORDER laser cutting software provides an outstanding support to the most efficient production scheduling of nesting, allowing the company to have an overall, realtime picture about the pieces to be produced or validated

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It is the sheet warehouse management software that allows you to control and maintain constantly updated stocks of sheet metal and materials present in the company.

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ERP / CAM and MRP / CAM interface: different systems, a single database.

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